VITEEE 2023  Counselling 

VITEEE 2023 counselling has started and the seat allotment will be done on the basis of your VITEEE rank. Please go through the instructions on the page and attend the counselling. In case of any queries, please reach out to us.

VITEEE 2023  Counselling Process 

Step 1

Go to counselling website and login

Please click on to go to the counselling website. Please login through your application number and password.


Step 2

Counselling Dashboard

After login you will be able to see the VITEEE result page. You can access all the relevant information regarding VITEEE counselling on this page.

Step 3

Check your counselling dates

Counselling dates are displayed on the page for your quick view, check the dates to know when is your counseling scheduled.

Step 4

Read the instructions

Next click on the “Counselling Instructions” tab to understand the complete process in detail. After going through the instructions completely, you will need to click on the red check boxes to move further.

Step 5

Counselling Fees

Now click on the “Counselling Fee” tab to go through the guidelines of counseling fees. A non refundable counseling fee of Rupees 5900 should be remitted. After this click on “Proceed to Pay” button.

Step 6

Pay the Fees

Select the payment gateway as per your ease and make the payment.

If the payment is debited from your account and the receipt is not generated, please wait for 2 hours for the response from the payment gateway. Please do not retry the payment before 2 hours.

Step 7

Download the receipt

A receipt will be generated after the successful payment. Please download the receipt.

Step 8

Check the counselling dates

Now click on the “Important Dates” tab to view the counselling dates as per your rank, please make a note of your counseling dates and attend the counseling on the mentioned date and time.

Step 9

Choice Filling

Now click on the “Choice Filling” tab to add your choices as per your preference.

Choice filling window starts at 10AM on the first day and ends at 5 PM on the second day of the counselling schedule. You can fill your choices any time during this window.

There is no first come first serve basis for the allotment. The allotment will be done on the basis of your VITEEE rank.

Step 10

How to fill choices

B. Tech. Option is already selected in the choice option, you need to select the campus and the branch of your preference.

Then you need to select the lowest fees category available in the drop down.

Step 11

Save the choice

After selecting the preferred choice you need to click on “Add and Save” button and your choice will be saved.

Step 12

Add all the choices.

Similar to the previous step you need to add all the choices in the order of your preference. If you are very much interested in a particular branch you can add the branch in all the categories starting with the lowest fee category.

VIT Bhopal  Placement Records 

Step 13

Edit Priority

To edit the priority of your choices you can click on the “Edit Priority” button and re-prioratise your choices.

Step 14

View registered choices

Click on “Registered Choices” tab to view the list of registered choices, the seat allotment will be done on the basis of your registered choices and your VITEEE rank.

Step 15

Seat Allotment

When you click on the seat allotment tab you will be shown the date when the seat allotment will be done. On the date of the seat allotment you will be shown the allotted seat, if you are not allotted a seat, you will be given a chance for seat allotment in the subsequent counselling phases based upon your rank.

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